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Mission Statement

We're offering managed kubernetes for free, in Europe, in the middle of an energy crisis, with zero venture funding. This is a big leap towards a bigger goal:

  • a customer-first normal business
  • with 80% lower energy usage, 100% renewables, CO2 neutral
  • with data and hardware under user control


According to the FT Big tech uses roughly as much energy as New Zealand. We could save 80% of that, by fundamentally reshaping the way cloud computing works.

The primary driver is a hardcore focus on what customers actually want to achieve and optimizing for that workflow. Like Heroku.

Why would you want to manage an entire k8s cluster with 3 managment nodes sitting idle, when you actually just wanted to launch an app. Sure some people might like managing computers, but not every product is for everyone.

Next, instead of just building a converience layer on top of other cloud services, we start with deleting layers, rebuilding everything, from the ground up. Litteraly, the ground.

Here is the plan

  • Offer instant app/docker/k8s hosting with 100% renewable energy
  • Help developers and customers optimize energy efficiency
  • build CO2 neutral datacenters, integrating local environment

Self hosting / hybrid cloud / ethics

In 2022, it's become an actual credible risk that some billionaire might just buy your infrastructure provider for some good fun and trolling. What a strange timeline

Kraud is built with hybrid cloud in mind. We take great care to avoid such risk, starting with making it normal and first class to buy your own machine and host your services there. This also means we can't charge you insane amounts of money for just renting a computer in someone elses datacenter.

big cloud hates this trick

Building our own datacenters is a major part of achieving 80% energy saving, but having your own hardware in your own building has its own set of advantages of course. Some laws may even require you to do that for certain types of data. Of course big cloud will say they have all the paperwork that allows you to do it anyway, and so on.

That's because they loooove renting you computers. It's a good business. Why don't we rent out computers then? Well, we do. it's a good business, but it's much more ethical to build a business that doesn't rely on unnesesary consumption of energy.