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kraud includes enough resources for a small hobby project for free. We're currently only selling upgrades to registered businesses with a VAT ID. Prices are still fluctuating a bit as we're figuring our cost. We offer longer term price commitements on request.

All prices are without VAT (B2B only)

Compute pools

Plan Mem CPU GP SSD Storage Traffic (Transit) Price
Micro 1GB 1 10GB 10GB 5 €/p.m.
8Pool 8GB 4 100GB 100GB 15 €/p.m.
16Pool 16GB 8 200GB 200GB 30 €/p.m.
32Pool 32GB 16 400GB 400GB 60 €/p.m.
64Pool 64GB 32 800GB 800GB 100 €/p.m.
128Pool 128GB 64 2TB 2TB 200 €/p.m.
256Pool 256GB 128 4TB 4TB 400 €/p.m.

if you have 2 containers with 500MB memory each, you only need the micro pool

Additional options

Plan Unit Price
Archival TB p.m. 6 €
Transit MBit/s 2 €

GPU pools

Device Price
NVidia 1080 TI 0.5 €/p.h
NVidia 4090 3 €/p.h